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Willamette Valley Clinical Studies is an established clinical research center directed by Patricia Buchanan, M.D. with 13 years of clinical research experience, Dr. Buchanan is an established family practice physician practicing with River Road Medical Group since 1984.

Willamette Valley Clinical Studies’ staff has experience managing in-depth, fast-paced trials including phase I, II, III,  and IV trials.   From the time a study begins to its completion, the WVCS investigative team including physicians, physician’s assistants, certified clinical research coordinators, nurses, x-ray technicians and lab technicians intimately follow the progress and results of each study. Together, these individuals focus on accurate data collection, maintaining patient safety and insuring regulatory compliance in all phases of each study. The result is providing new therapies and treatment options to our community.

Willamette Valley Clinical Studies has the ability to use sophisticated computer software that searches per inclusion/exclusion criteria and alerts clinic staff of potential research patients. In addition, River Road Medical Group has an active patient base of 12K which is also accessible for study recruitment.

Our facility has individual exam rooms, monitor meeting rooms with phone and high speed internet access, secure storage for pharmaceuticals, on site record archiving system and many other tools necessary to conduct complex clinical trials (See “Our Facility” for additional details).  Your product and patient data are always readily available and our qualified, dependable staff is prepared to conduct your research studies.